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What is Adult Day Service and Caregiver Respite?

Unlike a nursing facility that removes a person from their home and community, or in-home care which leaves a person isolated and alone all day, Adult Day Service is center-based, participant focused adult and senior day care. At each of our 7 program sites we provide a safe, supervised and engaging place for your loved one to be during the day, while you enjoy Caregiver Respite which allows you the time and peace-of-mind to work, shop, socialize and attend to your own needs and those of your other family members.  


What is the mission of Share Your Care?

To provide quality adult day services as an alternative to institutional care.


What are the values of Share Your Care?

Respect, dignity, courtesy and compassion.


What are the goals of Share Your Care?

· To enhance and/or maintain the level of functioning of the individuals served.

· To decrease abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable populations.

· To prevent inappropriate and premature institutionalization.

· To provide respite and support to care givers in order to maintain family units.

· To provide programming based upon client, care giver, and community input.

· To brighten the lives of seniors and adults with disabilities.


How long has Share Your Care been in operation?

Share Your Care is a non-profit adult day service that began as a grass root efforts by a group of concerned citizens in 1975. We added a site in Rio Rancho in 1990, and in 2001 we were awarded the contract from the Area Agency on Aging to run the Senior Day Centers in the City of ABQ Senior Centers. We added our seventh site in Gallup in 2006.


What are the days and hours of operation for Share Your Care?

Monday through Friday, with the exception of nine holidays and five staff training days per year.  Please contact the Program Coordinator at one of our service locations for current hours of operations. 


What age ranges does Share Your Care serve?

City Center programs (Barelas, Bear Canyon, Los Volcanes, North Valley) and Gallup serve persons 60 years of age and over. The Ponderosa and Rio Rancho locations serve persons 18 years of age and over with disabilities and have special programs for persons with Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias.


How many days a week can a person attend Share Your Care?

Depending on space availability and funding, individuals can come as often as they would like. For example, some persons attend five days per week for six hours per day, while others attend one day a week for three hours. Share Your Care is committed to providing person-centered services that meet the needs of the individual.


What are the costs for the various Share Your Care programs?

Share Your Care is primarily funded via Medicaid and other funding sources as funds are available through the state and federal budgets.

Funding Sources Include:

*Adult Protective Services for Adult Day Health

*Area Agency on Aging for Adult Day Health/Caregiver Respite

*Centennial Care for Adult Day Health:

 BlueCross Blue Shield

 Presbyterian

 Western Sky

DD Waiver for Customized Community Supports

Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver for Adult Day health

Veterans Administration for Adult Day Health

Private Grant Funding (as available)


A Private Pay Sliding Fee Scale is made available to those individuals who are not eligible to receive government funded subsidized Adult Day Services and must pay the full price of the services.

Rates begin at $15.00 per hour. Please contact the site coordinator at the location nearest you to discuss financial specifics.


Does Share Your Care offer transportation services?

No, we currently do not provide transportation, although we will assist in arranging transportation.


For outing, each of the Agency’s 13 passenger vans is wheelchair accessible. Our drivers must have a valid NM driver’s license and a clean driving record. Further, each driver is required to attend a passenger safety driving program that is certified by the NM Department of Health. Specific training regarding safety, emergency, and transporting disabled persons is included in the driving program. Drivers are required to meet identified competencies as a result of satisfactorily completing the program. In addition, CPR and First Aid Training are a requirement of all Share Your Care staff within the first three months of employment.


How does Share Your Care help individuals?

The daily curriculum of activities is designed to motivate and rehabilitate our participants in order to improve quality of life by assuring freedom of choice and independence.


A wide range of Share Your Care activities are designed for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias and intergenerational programs are available.


Scheduled events include arts and crafts, exercise groups, dances, musical presentations, sports (including adapted sports and other activities for individuals with disabilities and/or mobility problems), and focus discussion groups. Skill building activities and pre-vocational activities may include cognitive classes, number recognition, literacy training, money management skills, etc. We offer yoga, music, art and massage therapy. In addition, we have a consulting nurse and pharmacist.


Share Your Care works closely with supported employment organizations to assist interested individuals in obtaining employment. All activities offered are age appropriate, culturally relevant, and can accommodate visually, hearing and cognitively impaired persons.


Clients are afforded opportunities to build relationships with individuals and organizations outside of Share Your Care. Examples include community clean up, visiting nursing homes, and volunteering at the Roadrunner Food Bank.


How does Share Your Care provide services for individuals with special needs?

Share Your Care is dedicated to meeting all of the Adult Day Service needs of its participants and their families. At enrollment, a comprehensive assessment of needs is completed and an individualized service plan is developed. Share Your Care has certain exclusionary criteria in place for its programs, meaning there may be some medical needs or treatments that cannot be met. Our professional staff can determine if Share Your Care is capable of meeting your specific needs.


Why does our community need Share Your Care?

It has been said that the greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats its people. With the rapid growth of the aging population, the issue is how we care for our elderly and disabled populations. With that being said, it is imperative that Home Community Based Services (HCBS), like Adult Day Services, are available to meet the needs of those most vulnerable in our communities and their family caregivers. Adult Day Services has a proven record of being one of the most cost effective, provides the best quality and the safest long term care options available. Adult Day Services can prevent institutional care, which is costly to families and also the tax payers. Adult Day Services gives a break to the caregiver, decreases caregiver stress and illness as well as enhances the attendees overall health and well being. Adult Day Services play an integral role in the continuum of services for disabled adults, especially the senior population.


There is a significant need for Adult Day Services in our community. Adult Day Services are proven to prevent premature institutionalization by offering caregivers the respite they need to continue to fulfill the caregiver role and thus maintain the family unit. Share Your Care data shows that its services prevent institutionalization for an average of two years. The majority of the clients served at Share Your Care live at home with their families. Clients attending Share Your Care during daytime hours allow their caregivers time to maintain their household,hold down jobs, and take a break from the rigors of care giving. The National Family Care Givers Association fact sheet states, “More persons enter nursing homes, because of care giver burn-out than because of a worsening of their condition.”


What recognition has Share Your Care received?

Share Your Care has been recognized internationally by being one of the first adult day care organizations to receive accreditation from the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


Share Your Care was nominated by the National Council on Aging as a “program leader” to participate in a national survey of “health and supportive services programs with a reputation for innovation and/or quality.”


Share Your Care received the Business Hero Award at the 6th Annual Caregiver Conference sponsored by The Department of Senior Affairs and the Alzheimer’s Association.


Share Your Care received the 2014 Enhanced Mobility of Individuals with Disabilities System of the Year Award from the New Mexico Department of Transportation. 


Share Your Care is the first and the largest adult day service center in New Mexico. Share Your Care has a model of service provision that is not only internationally recognized, but more importantly, is greatly appreciated by the people we serve.


What is the Alivio Caregiver Support Program?

The Alivio Caregiver Support Program is a dedicated funding stream whose sole purpose is to provide and/or supplement funding for vulnerable individuals with low to moderate income levels who are in desperate need of Adult Day Services, but are unable to pay for these services privately, and either do not qualify for government funding, or require additional funding no longer available from governmental funding sources. With ongoing budget cuts in state and federal funding for the elderly and disabled, the Alivio Fund bridges the gap between the need for Adult Day Services and the lack of available funding.


To donate to Alivio you must either mail your check made out to Share Your Care, Inc. P.O. Box 35101, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87176, or use PayPal by clicking on the donate button. If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Partner with the Alivio Program, please call 505.298.1700 ext 25. 100% of your donation will go directly to the Alivio Caregiver Support Program.


Why should I donate to Share Your Care?

Your generous donations allow Share Your Care to be an even better organization. Many services that Share Your Care provides are offered even though they do not earn a profit. One example of this is transportation. Although we charge nominal fees for transportation, the fees do not even come close to what the Agency incurs for transportation expenses. Donations allow us to continue to provide such important services, even though we do so at a loss. The Agency is also committed to improving the services we provide. Donations allow us to increase program supplies and expenditures, improve our technology to become more efficient, and allow us to provide services at affordable rates. Services like our yoga, music, art and physical therapies are other benefits we offer that we do not charge for or profit from financially.


There is no limit to giving! People donate cash gifts in all amounts, and in-kind gifts such as furniture, food, books, computers, office supplies, program supplies, and their most valuable gift--their time! If you would care to mail a check, please send to:

Share Your Care, Inc.

PO Box 35101

Albuquerque, NM 87176

Or call us at 505-298-1700 if you’d like to donate an in-kind gift.


Is my donation to Share Your care tax deductible?

Yes. Share Your Care is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are fully tax-deductible.

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