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A word from Fannie, the Program Coordinator

December 2021

We have scheduled inside table activities like: bead color separation, folding clothes, coloring with crayons, wood painting art, stain glass art, bean bag toss, puzzles, rolling yarn, playing bingo with prizes, word search, making Christmas arts and crafts, etc. We have Council Meetings scheduled every Wednesday, one Nutrition class in the month of December. The day before we close for the Christmas Holidays, we have scheduled a Christmas Social – a luncheon with gift exchanges between participants and gift exchanges between staff.  Participants will draw names at the end of November so that they may have time to purchase their gifts. It will be a small Christmas Social this year for us. Share Your Care Gallup is still not going on scenic drives on our van, as we are still careful of Covid 19. Our participants appear to be happy to come to Share Your Care Gallup. We will start our Christmas decorations and arts and crafts  right after Thanksgiving Holidays and put up our Christmas tree for participants, so our participants can enjoy the Christmas decorations a little longer.

November 2021

Good afternoon. Here is our Gallup Share Your Care November 2021 Program Calendar. For November 2021, we have scheduled again inside activities for our participants. Activities such as; word search, pony beading (necklaces or bracelets), crayon coloring, water coloring, Thanksgiving arts and crafts, folding clothes, wood art, Bingo game with prizes, rolling yarn, a movie with popcorn, memory games, bean bag toss, etc. One Nutrition class is scheduled. Our weekly council meeting is scheduled every Wednesday (beginning of week is too early for our participants and by the end of the week, they are ready for the weekend). Cold weather is coming and during our council meetings, participants are reminded weekly to dress warm, wear warm shoes, etc. This month our participants will be doing Thanksgiving arts and crafts to take home to their families. Share Your Care Gallup is still not going out for scenic drives or outings yet. Our participants seem to be happy and enjoy being here at Gallup Share Your Care and participating in all scheduled activities

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